Creative Fund

Using technology to raise the bar, Creative Fund has developed a platform for technology empowered giving.
This is a space for charities to express their initiatives and for influencers to promote their cause.

Our Vision​

Digital Kindness Revolution

Our vision at Creative Fund is to inspire an online kindness revolution. We will act as a bridge and set an example by using technology to inspire change. Leveraging the power of social media and an online presence, we plan to become the go-to platform for charitable giving worldwide. By creating a user-friendly outlet, millions of people can be reached, allowing even the smallest of voices to be heard by the masses. Creative Fund will be the key facilitator in connecting charitable initiatives to the people who want to help them reach their fundraising goals.

Our Mission​

Empowering Charitable Organizations

We empower charitable organizations to amplify their voice by helping them reach more people. Our social platform connects charities from all walks of life with influencers and communities looking to give back. Seamlessly blending technology with the power of social media, we help drive charities towards their mission of making a global impact on the greater-good.