About Creative Fund

Creative Fund is a social platform for charities, influencers and people who want to donate to a cause. Grassroots activists can join this collective and share their values with those motivated to support them in their mission. Raising the bar for online social interaction and philanthropy, our platform allows charities to create profiles that display their vision for the world to see.

Users and influencers are able to promote causes and encourage others to donate. This new form of social fundraising helps charities expand their reach exponentially, while also giving influencers and donators clout. The idea was developed as a way to use technology for the betterment of our online society. Using that advanced technology to promote a chain reaction of goodness, Creative Fund is inspiring a social kindness revolution.

Our Values


Leveraging technology and social media to expand opportunities for giving, helping charities reach their fundraising goals. We facilitate connections between charities and those looking to contribute to a cause.


Creating an open outlet for those looking to reach a wider audience with their initiatives. Our platform offers the freedom to execute on a large scale while maintaining individuality.


Offering a voice to every person with a desire to make a philanthropic impact on the world. An outlet for all those looking to model change in the World, as well as people who want to back these causes.


Leading by example, using new and emerging technology to promote change. Revolutionizing the way people fundraise for charities, we will contribute to an inspiring kindness revolution in the digital future.